Ok had to make a creepy Halloween creation!

to go on my Halloween tree!


Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels refrigerator magnets



Frosty Snowman refrigerator magnets

frosty Snowman


Rudolph the Reindeer refrigerator magnets

Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer


Valentine's Day Angel refrigerator magnets

New 2019 Valentine's Day Angel refrigerator magnets


They are made on wooden spring clothes pins, each 3 to

3 1/2 inches tall. They have magnet strips on the back, but

all come with a stand, so someone who

has a stainless steel frig which magnets don't stick to. The

cloud stand also will flatten out or come out if

one wants to put it on the refrigerator or on your

Christmas tree or packages, or other ideas.

Very limited editions

Dolly, Valentine's Day Angel

Valentine's Day Angels 2018

Patriotic Angel Refrigerator Magnet

USA Angels





Christmas Angels being created



About me


Hi! My name is Kay Ekwall, I am 74 years old and have been an artist/craftsperson/writer/sculptor/poet/jewelry maker and designer/clothes designer and maker/as well as working in advertising and other jobs, and have a teaching degree in Art.

This latest project of mine started after I had made some wired ribbon angels for the Christmas tree several years back. Here is one of those.

Then, I had the inspiration to make the angels on clothes pins, with magnets on the back so people could have their 'kitchen angel' to watch over them.

I made this little one next

First, I made a group up and gave one to each lady in our club to see if they liked them and get their opinion on whether people would like them. They were very enthusiastic so that encouraged me to start making more of them. I started gathering up materials, finding where to get the supplies and researching online ideas from others that could help me.

One enthusiastic and supportive friend suggested I could make some for all the holidays too, so that took me down another road.

Page 2, my story continues

Page 3, creating the angels

Page 4, putting the angels together

Page 5, other of my creations


Very limited editions


Christmas Angels for Sale Page

pictures of past Angels

pictures of some Valentine's Day Angels




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