angel refrigerator magnets

My mind started whirling full of ideas of all the Hollidays and special occasions I could make these for. My friend said they could be clipped onto packages, also on Christmas trees and many other ideas. So this is a bit of the creation of my angels and other critters.


It starts with a wooden spring clothes pins like this or the other normal ones, about 3 inches or 3 and a half inches long.

clothes pin


I bought clothes pins from True Value, from Joann Fabrics and this type from American Woodcrafters Supply Company

I paint the clothes pin with diluted acrylic pains. White for the angels, Brown for the reindeer, and other colors depending on what I am going to make. Let that dry well.

I then cut that tape type magnets to size and super glue it to the backs of the painted clothes pins.


Time to paint the balls. For the angels I am trying to make all kinds of ethnicity colors but there are so many shades it is impossible to do everyone and even to figure out how to mix paint to get them. Thus my heads may all be a little different from the others. I use those bamboo sticks into the hole and then start painting the bottom and up to the top, trying to make it even and smooth as posible. You can just lay them on paper or cut the bamboo sticks shorter and put them into the heads and then into the floam squares used by flourists. American Woodcrafters Supply Company are also where I order the knobs, the one inchers with the small hole.


After the paint is dry I then coat the balls with a satin acrylic varnish. Let that dry and then start on the eyes. For the large eyes I dip the eraser end of a pencil into slightly thinned white paint. Let that dry. I usually do all the eyes at one time, starting this way. For the smaller eyes, I dip the end of the bamboo stick into the paint and dab that onto the knobs.

Then this is where I am trying all kinds of different things to make the eyes so it makes each one unique and a different style. This is always just experimenting at this point, not knowing if theywill turn out or not.

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